Saturday, February 02, 2008

Chekhov: Uncle Vanya

Sonia: Well, what can we do? We must go on living!

We shall go on living, Uncle Vanya. We shall live through a long, long succession of days and tedious evenings. We shall patiently suffer the trials that fate imposes on us; we shall work for others, now and in our old age, and we shall have no rest. When our time comes, we shall die submissively, and over there, beyond the grave, we shall say that we've suffered, that we've wept, that we've had a bitter life, and God shall take pity on us. And then, Uncle dear, we shall both begin to know a life that is bright and beautiful, and lovely. We shall rejoice and look back at these troubles of ours with tender feelings, with a smile-- and we shall have rest. I believe it, Uncle, I believe it fervently, passionately..........We shall have rest!

We shall rest! We shall hear the angels, we shall see all the heavens covered with stars like diamonds, we shall see all earthly evil, our sufferings swept away by the grace which will fill the whole world, and our life will become peaceful, gentle, and sweet as a caress. I believe it, I believe it.....

Poor, poor Uncle Vanya, you're crying. ...You've had no joy in your life, but wait, Uncle Vanya, wait....We shall rest....We shall rest!

We shall rest!